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Rubber chemicals industry to carry out green tackling

Rubber chemicals industry to carry out green tackling

Industry news
2017/09/04 19:36
In the international market plays a decisive role in China's rubber chemicals industry, is fully overcome the accelerator M and other products of cleaner production process. "Only to speed up the pace
In the international market plays a decisive role in China's rubber chemicals industry , is fully overcome the accelerator M and other products of cleaner production process. " Only to speed up the pace of substitution of toxic and harmful products in order to be regarded as the world's advanced ." Oak Association vice president, rubber additives professional committee chairman Xu Chunhua last week in 2010 China Rubber Industry New Materials Technology Forum pointed out that Cleaner production is still the key to the current development of the rubber chemicals industry.
Xu Chunhua said, 192 capture agent M A clean production process is imperative, should be through the reaction kinetics research, catalytic system to improve the reaction yield,  reduce the "  three wastes  " emissions, while the development of solvent refining lines, to prevent salt Wastewater generation. He introduced the current organic chemical plant in Tianjin,  Tianjin Kemei Chemical Co., Ltd.  in this regard has achieved results. Related units are reporting "second five"  science and technology support program.  The project will organize the main enterprises to carry out joint research, and strive to 2 to 3 years to achieve the promotion of cleaner M production, construction 50,000 tons / year demonstration production line, and in the whole industry promotion. Coupled with the sulfenamide accelerator oxygen,  hydrogen peroxide oxidation process promotion, and high thermal stability insoluble sulfur gasification method of the development and application of one step,  when China will truly become the world's rubber chemicals and power.
Pre-dispersed masterbatches are the final product of rubber auxiliaries and the cleaning process components for downstream applications. Xu Chunhua said that China's pre-dispersed masterbatch million tons of equipment has been basically completed. The successful development and application of pre-dispersed rubber auxiliaries will make a major change in the dosage form of rubber chemicals in China, greatly improving the overall competitiveness of China's rubber additives.
It is understood that China's rubber chemicals in the structural adjustment and replacement of toxic and hazardous substances has achieved significant results, antioxidant 4020, silane coupling agent and cobalt salt adhesion enhancer green production technology has been the forefront of the world, green rubber additives products Production has exceeded 90% of the total production of rubber additives. In the future, TMTD, TMTM and carbamate ZDC, which produce carcinogenic nitrosamines,  will be replaced by super-accelerator TBZTD ( tetrabenzyl thiuram disulfide ) and TiBTM ( tetraisobutyl thiuram )  The use of DBD ( 2,2'-dibenzoylaminodiphenyl disulfide ) to replace the pentachlorothiol phenolic chemical agent; the development of environmentally friendly aromatic oil, as soon as possible to meet the tire industry needs.
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